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About Us

The Kettle Creek Environmental Trust is a registered charitable organization. The Trust was founded in 2006 by members of the Kettle Creek watershed community who wanted to ensure that money raised locally for environmental efforts remained local.

The Trust invests in projects that aim to conserve, protect, restore and educate about the Kettle Creek watershed. Members of the Trust are willing to meet and discuss with each donor to ensure that their funds are invested carefully to honour the donors wishes in benefiting the Kettle Creek watershed. Donors can contribute to the Trust knowing that their funds will be held for our local environment. For everyone. Forever.

The Kettle Creek Environmental Trust is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

Current Board of Trustees:

  • Kevin Jackson (President)
  • Danial R. Dale (Vice President)
  • Dennis Crevits
  • Grant Jones (Ex Officio)
  • Nadine Russell
  • AnnMarie Kemmerling
  • David Marr
  • Elizabeth VanHooren (Ex Officio)

Founding Members:

  • Terry Carroll
  • Gord Campbell
  • Bryan Hall
  • Chuck Raven
  • Perry Clutterbuck
  • Greg Tarry
  • Don Ferguson

The Trust is supported by and works closely with a number of local environmental agencies. Our partner organization provides office space and support staff, and lends expertise to many of the Trusts environmental and education projects

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